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We can supply a full range of experienced and professional drivers from Van, 7.5 t, class 2 and class 1. All of which are regularly licenced checked with DVLA to ensure compliance. More recently we have specialised in HIAB and MOFFETT and once again all drivers are fully certified and regularly licenced checked. We also have a large number of drivers that are specially trained driver/draymen and High Street delivery drivers.



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ADR licence entitles the driver to carry hazardous goods/substances example Petrol,Gas,Toxic chemicals or hazardous waste chemicals.To obtain an ADR licence the driver must complete the training course followed by exams to ensure the driver has a good understanding on the types of hazardous goods and the dangers they may pose. The driver will know what to do in the event of an emergency or spillage and will know their responsibility in keeping themselves the public and the environment safe from harm. After the driver has successfully completed the course they will receive the ADR licence which must be renewed every five years. For any further information on ADR or becoming a licenced ADR driver please contact NEL or view our available courses.



MOFFETT2MOFFETT1Moffett is a type of forklift truck that can be mounted on the rear of a HGV. The moffett is an extremely versatile piece of equipment allowing the driver to load and unload themselves wherever and when ever. No more wasted time waiting for busy forklift drivers to finish their current task or the driver may be in a remote countryside location or a building site with no lifting equipment. Unloading by hand (Handball) is time consuming and downtime for the vehicle, which could be making other deliveries. Operators must be trained and licenced to ensure they have an understanding and the skill to operate the moffett effectively and safely.



truck-with-craneHiab is a name given to a type of vehicle mounted crane which is used to load and unload the carrying vehicle. Like the moffett the lorry mounted crane is extremely versatile and effective and saves the driver a lot time when unloading. The crane can have a number of different attachments to allow it to load virtually anything from raw materials to finished products. Over more recent times the cranes have developed and can now be operated remotely, allowing the operator better all round visibility making loading and unloading a safer operation. Operators have to be trained and licenced to ensure the safe working practices are adhered to and the operator has the necessary skills. For any further information on Hiab or becoming licenced on Hiab or Moffett contact NEL or view our available courses.

Multi Drop

Many NEL drivers are involved in multi-drop deliveries. This does include delivering parcels to home addresses of course but also deliveries on any scale to businesses throughout the UK. As online sales continue to grow – even in more a more difficult economic environment – good multi-drop delivery drivers will be in ever-increasing demand.


HGV Trunking is where a driver has a regular route and spends most of the journey time on trunk roads, i.e. motorways and dual carriageways.  Trunking is a regular run, usual depot to depot, and often between the same company’s depots. You would normally swap the trailer or tip and reload for the return journey.

Van & Driver Hire

You can hire our ADR equipped sprinter van with driver for last minute/ same day hazardous goods deliveries up to pay load weight of 1200kg.

Service includes full goods in transit cover and all hazard groups excluding 1 & 7 (explosives & radio-actives)van

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